Bordeaux Virtual Wine Series Video 4: “B. Wise Winemaking Team”

Hosts: Colin Heinrich & Elizabeth McDermott

Winemakers Massimo Monticelli and Julien Fayard and Master Cooper Ramiro Herrera, of the B. Wise and BRION winemaking teams, discuss how the regions of Bordeaux and French traditions have influenced our vines, wines, and barrel cooperage, a fun, and lively presentation. Colin Heinrich is the Sommelier and General Manager of B. Wise Vineyards. Elizabeth McDermott is the Director of Wine Clubs and Special Programs.

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Bordeaux Virtual Wine Series Video 3: “The Revenge of the Merlot”

Hosts: Paolo Zaccaria & Camilla Carrega-Bertolini

Paolo Zaccaria and Camilla Carrega-Bertolini walk you through the wines of the Bordeaux region as they discuss the flavor and taste of the different areas. Paolo Zaccaria has been a Sommelier since 1986. He teaches wine culture and tasting techniques at Gambero Rosso Academy with a special focus on French wines. Camilla holds a master’s degree in Enology, she has been a wine instructor, Wine Department Chair, and Academic Coordinator of Food and Wine Studies at Apicius-International School of Hospitality in Florence, Italy. Paolo and Camilla were both on the B. Wise Vineyards Bordeaux River Cruise.

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Bordeaux Virtual Wine Series Video 2: “The Flavor of Bordeaux”

Host: Jeffrey Davies

Once referred to by English wine writer and wordsmith Andrew Jefford as the “Six Million Euro Man,” Jeffrey Davies is an expert on Bordeaux. He has lived, studied, and worked in Bordeaux for nearly 40 years, creating his “négociant” (wine merchant) company, Signature Selections, in 1986. He has been recognized by the world’s top wine writers for his capacity to ferret out, refine, and successfully “launch” countless Bordeaux wines from appellations both famous and less so. Together, we will celebrate old world and new world wines while focusing, in particular, on those of the Right Bank: Fronsac, Pomerol, and Saint Émilion.

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Bordeaux Virtual Wine Series Video 1: “Bordeaux Bootcamp”

Host: Wendy Narby

Do you want to learn what makes Bordeaux such an iconic wine region? Join wine educator Wendy Narby as she gets us started.

Bordeaux Bootcamp covers the history, the geography, the appellations, the different styles of wine produced and the classifications. It also helps you read a Bordeaux label and introduces you to wine making techniques. Leading Bordeaux wine educator, Wendy Narby, shares the information you need to know about this iconic region, a perfect introduction to Bordeaux and its wines.

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