B. Wise Estate Cave Main Tasting Room

Best Wine Cave – B. Wise Vineyards in Sonoma Valley

From 27 Best Places To Eat And Drink In Napa And Sonoma

By Hayley Hamilton Cogill, Tasting Table, Updated: June 15, 2023

“The underground caves of B. Wise Vineyards on Moon Mountain are functional, housing the winery’s fermentation and aging areas. Beyond that, they offer one of the wine country’s most unique, inviting spaces. The space is the creation of owners Brion and Ronda Wise. It represents their mutual eclectic aesthetic.

“The caves tunnel to various private alcoves decorated with vintage furnishings, art posters from the 1920s, and mementos acquired during the couple’s travels abroad. A grand central salon features bronze sculptures depicting the Wild West, leather club chairs, and walls filled with whimsical paintings, all lying under a canopy of twinkle lights. The warm, inviting space is the perfect environment to taste the stellar wines from B. Wise.”

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