Bordeaux River Cruise 2022

Bordeaux Virtual Wine Series Video 3: “The Revenge of the Merlot”

Hosts: Paolo Zaccaria & Camilla Carrega-Bertolini

Paolo Zaccaria and Camilla Carrega-Bertolini walk you through the wines of the Bordeaux region as they discuss the flavor and taste of the different areas. Paolo Zaccaria has been a Sommelier since 1986. He teaches wine culture and tasting techniques at Gambero Rosso Academy with a special focus on French wines. Camilla holds a master’s degree in Enology, she has been a wine instructor, Wine Department Chair, and Academic Coordinator of Food and Wine Studies at Apicius-International School of Hospitality in Florence, Italy. Paolo and Camilla were both on the B. Wise Vineyards Bordeaux River Cruise.

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