Panoramic view of B.Wise Estate vineyard

B.Wise Estate moon mountain district

Cabernet Sauvignon
Petite Sirah
Cabernet Franc

I was drawn to Moon Mountain after spending time in Italy, and I was looking for something that reminded me of that. This property is tucked right up against the historic Monte Rosso and when I started drinking those wines, I realized, “how much better can this location be?” This allowed me to jump into it, knowing great wine could be made here.

— Brion Wise

Aerial view of B.Wise Estate Vineyard and surrounding area

B. Wise Estate wines show a rare minerality that comes from the distinctively red soils. The closest comparison to these soils is in the vicinity of Oakville in the Vaca Range on the east side of Napa.

But while the Napa soils are old in geological terms, Moon Mountain soils are relatively young. This little spot is a younger cousin of an iron-rich and wine-favored geology that has much to say.

B. Wise Estate vineyard Sitting area at B. Wise Estate Vineyard overlooking syrah and cabernet franc vines

The Moon Mountain District has historically delivered respected Cabernets and has been planted to grapes since 1886. One of the reasons for this is the plateau that lifts these vineyards up into the light, out of the fog.

It’s a Goldilocks thing: not too hot, not too cold. This doesn’t exist anywhere else in the region and is shared by only a handful of vineyards. Between that and the thinner soils on the slopes, the wines have a certain tension and vibrancy.

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