B. Wise Nobles Vineyard on the Sonoma Coast on a foggy day

Nobles Vineyard Fort Ross-Seaview, Sonoma county

Pinot Noir

On the crest of a ridge ten miles from the Pacific, sea shells can be seen in the marine sediment soils of Nobles Family Vineyard. Owner Marvin Nobles remembers finding marine fossils and even shark teeth as a boy, marking a time the land was lifted up from ancient sea beds to 1,200 feet.

Nobles vineyard during the fall

And while the region has been part of an emerging third wave for younger winemakers and viticultural savants, the Nobles vines are older, planted nearly 45 years ago from heritage selections that preceded modern clones.

The vineyard has a rugged feel to it; it’s remote, and the wine follows suit. On the spectrum of Sonoma Pinot Noirs, it is earthier, more tannic, with distinctive flavors that enhance the fruit qualities. This makes for a more studied wine, contemplative, that comes alive with food and has good aging potential.

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