How much does it cost to join the Wine Club at B. Wise Winery?
There is no fee to join any of the wine clubs.

What is the minimum commitment of shipments for my membership?
Your minimum membership commitment is 2 shipments per year of preselected 6 bottles of wine in Spring (April) & Fall (October) upon sign up.

What is the cost of the club shipments in each club?
For current pricing on our wine club shipments, please see the Clubs section of this website. Cost of club shipments may be subjected to change. Members will be notified if there are any changes in cost of club shipments.

What types of wines are in each club shipment?
The wines in the Wiseguy club shipments consist of red blends and single estate varietals. The Grand Cru club shipments consist of Pinot Noir wines only. The B. Wise Cabernet Society club shipments are our Reserve Cabernet Sauvignons.

Will I get charged a tasting fee even if I sign up for the wine club the same day?
Yes, we will charge a tasting fee in addition to your club sign up same day. After, your minimum commitment of shipments has been met your complimentary tastings will begin to apply. Your wine educator has the ability to waive a tasting fee after a high volume sale as a courtesy.

Is there a cancellation fee associated with canceling my wine club prior to my commitment being met?
Yes, we charge 50% of what your shipment cost would have been. We reserve the right to cancel membership or refuse sale of wine for any reason.

If I am a member who has met their minimum requirement for membership and I need to cancel my club what do I do?
After minimum is met members may choose to postpone a shipment or cancel at any time up to one month before shipment with no extra charge. Please contact us at the office at 707-935-1791 or email to do this.

How long does my membership last?
Wine club shipments auto renew with members information on file without notice of cancellation.

How soon will I know what is included in my club shipments?
The club email for Spring will be sent early March and the club email for Fall will be sent early September. Your club email outlines selected club wines, new releases, and a chance to update your personal billing and shipping information 1 month prior to your card being charged.

When will my card get charged for my club shipments?
We charge twice per year for club shipments. Generally, we will charge within the first week of the shipment months in April and October. We email you an invoice of this charge for your records.

If I reside in California, may I opt in to be a pick up member?
Yes, we do allow local members to pick up their club shipment at our tasting room located in Kenwood. We allow 30 days from when you have been charged for your club shipment for pick up. If pick up time exceeds 30 days we will ship your wine to you and charge your card on file for any shipping expenses. You may also have a friend or family member per your permission to pick up your club shipment for you on your behalf. We just ask to be given a call or email so we may note your account.

How soon will I receive my club shipment if it is to be shipped?
Wine club shipments may take a few weeks to ship during high volume club months. We appreciate your patience during this busy time. We email you a UPS tracking number to the email on file to track your package. Note: club shipments are not an immediate turn around and are subjected for hold due to any weather or inventory constraints per the winery’s decision.

What address do I use for my club shipment?
We highly encourage business addresses or UPS pick up locations as the best shipping address. We can still ship to home addresses, but someone over the age of 21 must be present to sign for the wine club shipment.

What happens if my wine club shipment gets sent back to the winery?
UPS will make 3 delivery attempts, but if not signed for the wine club shipment will be sent back to the winery and member will be charged a reshipping fee of $15.

Can I request to be a FedEx shipping member instead of UPS?
Yes, we can ship your wine club to you via FedEx. You must tell us this upon sign up or as soon as possible and direct your request to or by calling us at 707-935-1791.

What if I end up with a corked or damaged bottle(s) of wine in my club shipment?
We try our best to replace 100% of the corked or damaged wine for you. Winery has the right to investigate or decide to replace any wine shipments that have been reported as lost, stolen, or damaged per our discretion. Please call us as soon as possible to report the status of your wine order.

Can I customize my wine club shipment or replace some of the wines in the club shipment?
No, we are unable to accommodate customizable club shipments. All club shipments are standardized with our preselection. This allows us to send you the best wines we offer at the most valued cost for you. We encourage members to add to their club shipments if they are interested in wines outside of the shipment.

Can I double my club shipment or add on any wines I want in addition to my club shipment?
Yes! You may double your fun by duplicating your club shipment. You may also opt in for our “Wise Upgrade” wine package or hand select your favorite B Wise wines to add on to your club shipment. Please inquire if we are running any shipping promotions at the time of the club at

Do you offer any case discounts or discounts on the wines?
No, we do not discount any wines other than the member discount of 15% off current vintages of Wisdom & Trios. Due to our small nature of a boutique winery we do not have the capacity to offer any case discounts.

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