I was originally attracted to the property because of the reputation of the area that would eventually become the Moon Mountain District. The vision was to make that one wine, a wine of the world, and in my case it became the wine BRION. Wine is so sensitive to place I realized we had to get the places right first if I wanted to achieve my goals. In particular I liked being tucked up close to the historic Monte Rosso Vineyard. With that I knew the Sonoma estate grapes would work out.

It is my style and my preference to create projects from the ground up. It is the only way I can guarantee the quality I am looking for. When I first came here to Sonoma, there was a dirt road with no easements. I drilled a well and ran everything on generators. That’s the fun for me. It’s an engineering puzzle with a foundation in aesthetics. For my wife Ronda and me, this is our definition of what it means to be alive.

Brion Wise Bio

Brion Wise