B. Wise is a wine project founded by proprietor Brion Wise that brings together the best that Sonoma and Napa vineyards have to offer. As part of that, we sought winemaking expertise that would allow us to take the best advantage of extraordinary vineyard sites. In 2002 we began working with Massimo Monticelli, who came to us from Silver Oak, as the winemaker for the B. Wise Estate. Mark Herold brings us depth in our Napa Cabernet portfolio from his pioneering oenology work for Joseph Phelps and his own successful Merus Cabernet. Rounding out our Pinot Noir portfolio, we include an offering from the classic region for that grape, the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Drew Voit, former winemaker for Shea Vineyards in Oregon, has joined us to work with Massimo on our Pinot Noirs.

Mark Herold and Massimo Monticelli

Drew Voit, Winemaker

Winemaking Crew (top, left to right): Carlos Ocampos, Assistant Winemaker/Cellar Master; Mark Herold, Winemaker; Massimo Monticelli, Winemaker; Enrique Castillo, Vineyard Manager; (middle): Mark Herold and Massimo Monticelli, Winemakers; (bottom): Drew Voit, Winemaker